First of all apologies in advance. I’m about to have a Wednesday whinge (this might be a feature, who knows?).

Again I find myself in a well-known coffee shop where I can see fellow laptop users. Some studenty types, others carrying out business activities. Now, why do people neglect a) to lock their laptop screen when they walk away from it and b) why don’t people physically lock their devices. You just don’t know who else is around you that may not be trustworthy. Coffee shops, particularly those in towns, cities and transport hubs are well-known hotspots for mobile device theft. If the device is unlocked, then all your personal information is potentially at risk too.

Locking your screen is easy. Press ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ and select lock or even easier ‘Window key + L’ on (unsurprisingly) a Windows laptop.

To lock your Mac’s screen, simultaneously press ‘Control + Shift + Eject’ or if you have a newer Mac that doesn’t have an optical drive the command is ‘Control + Shift + Power’. In either case, your Mac’s display will immediately shut off immediately, while the system continues to run in the background.

If you have a Chromebook, press ‘Search + L’.

I’ve not mentioned Linux devices. If you have one of those in public, then you’re probably as conscious about security as I am.

If you do need to walk away from your laptop then please use a physical antitheft device such as the Kensington Lock. A simple lock on a steel cable such as this is cheap compared to the device and its data you have just left behind.

Remember, it’s not necessarily just the thousand pounds plus of mobile devices that you have left on show.

This particular rant only talks about electronic devices. Don’t get me started on all the bags and their contents left behind when people walk away for that smoke or toilet break!